I started a bullet journal??

This year, I started a bullet journal!!


I always thought bullet journals were quite silly things. I mean, why would you spend more time organising your life than actually doing things? It all sounded very unecessary to me.

Then I discovered Cheyenne Barton’s wonderful youtube channel, where (amongst other things) she shares her love for bullet journaling. It started to grow on me a little more as I saw how she used her bullet journal as an outlet for her creativity.


I asked for a bullet journal for Christmas, and sat down that afternoon to set it up!


Last year, I used a Kikki K planner to organise my life. While it worked to plan out my day, I always struggled without having an overview of the month and term. My bullet journal gives me a space for each day, an overview of the month and whatever else I want, along with a space for me to be creative!



img_0581I love my little bullet journal! This is very un-bookish, I know,  but this blog is about talking about things I love, and bullet journaling is a part of that for me 🙂

Do you have a bullet journal?

Keep smiling,

emmi ❤

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