Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry_Potter_and_the_Goblet_of_FireHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by JK Rowling. 3rd reread 5-8 June 2017.

Continuing on my ‘In which I review Harry Potter – aka basically an excuse for me to rave about how much I love it‘ review series, I’m up to the fourth book, the one where everything starts to get serious! I love this book – it’s so long, and there are so many unexpected twists and turns! It’s also the one where you really start to see the dark side of the wizarding world.

the story

Harry gets excited about a secret event that’s happening at Hogwarts. He can’t stop thinking about Quidditch, and a certain girl in his class. But lots of dark stuff is happening too, behind the scenes – and poor Harry needs a hug. Hermione and Ron are very supportive friends as Harry deals with growing up.

what I like

  • The whole book. Seriously.
  • It’s at a point in the series where Harry starts having crushes, and as such is really angsty. I love how we see this whole separate side of him, and how realistic it is written. He really is just a teenager caught up in a whole big war.
  • Hermione is amazing – ahhh dear me I love this human. She persuades Harry to see what an idiot he’s being, and she’s also just incredibly supportive and imperfect and just a great character.
  • It’s funny! The whole series is pretty funny, but I feel like Harry starts to become really sassy in this one – sometimes it’s just too much to handle, seriously.
  • The way JK Rowling writes irritating characters is honestly amazing. Rita Skeeter, the very successful journalist, is the sort of person that you throw the book at the wall for. Very very well written.
  • The plot! It all fits together beautifully, and the twists and turns at the end are unpredictable and very exciting.


Honestly the only nag I have with this book is that the ending is a little anticlimactic. I KNOW I KNOW BUT all this stuff happens, and then more stuff happens?? I just prefer a little less info-dumping and cleaner, tighter endings. But it’s not a huge issue of mine, more just a minor nag.

In this book, the theme of power really begins to emerge, setting itself up for the rest of the series. The play of power inbetween the hands of the major characters – with Harry sitting in the middle – is something that I found very interesting this reread. How much control does Harry really have? In truth, very very little.

All in all, this is definitely a book that I love with a deep passion. I’ve only read it three times (compared to 5+ with the other books) and perhaps because of that, there was so much that I didn’t remember this read through. So many little tidbits – like how awful Rita is, how awesome Hermione is, and what a good friend Ron is.

img_0581This is just a really really good book. It’s long, and a bit of a marathon to get through, but it is completely worth it! I lost myself in this book in a way that I rarely do in other worlds. Ahhhh I just love it very greatly.

Have you read this book??

Love, Emm 🙂


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