elizabeth bennet cosplay

Here’s something that I do that barely anyone knows about – I cosplay!

Cosplay is when you dress up as fictional characters. It’s something that I haven’t fully embraced yet, but it’s definitely something that I can see myself obsessing over in the near future.

One of the cosplays I have put together is of a younger Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride and Prejudice.


Both the dress and the gloves were lent to me by a lovely lady from our church. The hat I already owned.


I like to pair this costume with some cheap white stockings, and my old boots. (as well as a puppy!)

Add an old fan and a smile, and the costume is complete!


img_0581Ahhhh I love cosplaying. I’ve only been to one con and I didn’t end up cosplaying at it (whoops) but I’m definitely planning on doing so this year! It’s only in November, so I’ve still got plenty of time to work up the energy (and courage) 🙂

Have you ever cosplayed? What as?

Keep smiling,

Em 🙂


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