Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

CaptureHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by JK Rowling. Read 2 June 2017. 5 // 5 stars.

I’ve been recently doing a major reread of this fabulous series, and decided that I might as well review them all up on here! Of course this series has been reviewed many many many times on the internet, but hey, why not add another flailing review to the pile.

But let’s start at the beginning! (A VERY GOOD PLACE TO START!!!!)

the beginning

I first opened this book two years ago, sometime in September 2015, after borrowing it from a friend. Since then I have read it 6 times, raved about it quite a bit, and become thoroughly in love with the world of Hogwarts.

When I opened this book for the first time, I was doing it at the end of the biggest reading slump eVeR. I hadn’t properly read and enjoyed a book for at least two years, which was ridiculous for me. I was starting to stop considering myself a reader.

Then I read this book, and didn’t look back.

the story

IF you don’t know the story already, it’s basically about a smol™ boy who is told he’s a wizard. From there he is enrolled in a magical school (Hogwarts!!) where he learns how to use his magical skills. Soon, however, he has to fight Voldermort and save the wizarding world from dire disaster and utter peril.

why I like it

  • The characters are all small beans who are gorgeous and need taking care of, but are instead walking around at night and getting in trouble with teachers and defeating dark lords. Hermione is honestly the best thing.
  • Can we just talk about Mcgonagall for a minute?!? She is honestly the best thing to ever happen to a book series. She’s strict and kind and will not take no for an answer. She’s just really cool okay okay
  • I’m a sucker for good world building, and this is really really good world building. Having wizards live among us sounds a little ridiculous but the way it’s done makes it wonderfully wonderful!! It’s raw and gritty and it feels real, though when you think about it it is a bit ridiculous.
  • It has just the right amount of action to relaxation, as I like to call it. The plotting and pacing is very well done, I think. Though there is a lot of information dropping it’s handled very well.
  • I am such a big fan of Hagrid it’s ridiculous. He’s so sweet and kind and ahhhhhhhhhh
  • It’s pretty well written. I’m not someone who will jump up and down advocating for this writing style, but it’s cretainly better than lots of other YA books I’ve read! ALSO IT’S THIRD PERSON SO YES PLEASE
  • It has a way of keeping you reading. Once you open this book, it becomes near impossible to put it down. And because it’s such a lovely, bite-sized book, why not finish it in one sitting?
  • Basically I have a lot of love for this book. Even though it’s only a children’s book, it manages to have moments and mentions which you only really pick up on when you’re older. They’re not inappropriate, but it may be a smile from a teacher, a side note from an adult, and suddenly you realise that this world is flawed, just like ours.

On the surface it’s an innocent book, just like Harry’s age – he’s only eleven okay – but underneath, there are so many references that you’ll only get when you’ve read the whole series. There are so many little snide comments that you’ll only get when you’re older. It’s just so well done.

A lot of people have said to me that this book is kind of set apart in the series. It’s the first book, and it’s so innocent compared to the rest of the books that I can’t help but agree. However it certainly does a good job of keeping you reading!

There are, however, a couple of qualms that I have with this book. (JUST A FEW THOUGH)

  • Snape actually bugs me so much. I have read the later books of course and know his purpose but I just think that his presence should be justified a little more?? He’s honestly the most annoying human when you read the books.
  • The writing does bug me occasionally – I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of the writing style. It does get better in the next books, but in this book it feels like Rowling is still working out her style, still working out what she’s doing. There are just a lot of dashes and fullstops and it can be a little difficult to read occasionally.

I understand if you are not a fan of this book. Whether it be about the presence of magic, the writing, or it’s just not for you. For me, however, this book represents the start of my reading journey and the end of a pretty big slump.

My Goodreads review below sums it aaaaaallllllll up for me 🙂

It just occurred to me that this is the sixth time in 2 years that I’ve read this book. And oh, what a book! YES, I could be reading something else. Expanding my list of classics I’ve read, writing book reviews, reading the latest hit, catching up on my TBR.

But somehow, somehow this book always calls me back to it. And when I’m halfway through a boring book, or in the middle of organising my bookshelf, this book stares at me. And I can’t help but start to read it. Because hey, read what you want to read, right?

Anyway, so much has been said about this book already that I won’t really try to write a concise overview. The point here is that I really like this book, it always holds something new for me, and I’m so glad I opened it for the first time 2 years ago, scared and apprehensive and excited.

Because I have to say that I’ve never looked back.

img_0581SO basically this review was just an excuse for me to rant about Hogwarts. Also, have you seen A Very Potter Musical?? The songs have been stuck in my head for about a week and I’m not complaining XD

What is your opinion on Harry Potter? Let’s chat!

With love, Emmeline 🙂


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