mini April Haul

Okay, have something to explain.

Do you remember how, ages ago, I wrote this post?

I basically promised I wouldn’t buy any books/borrow from the library till either my birthday, or until I’d read all the books in my shelf.

(this post could be renamed ‘me making excuses for myself’, whoop whoop)

So in both my March and April wrapups I admitted that I had borrowed from the library. Honestly I think not borrowing from the library was a silly goal to set myself, because (a) we go there all the time and (b) the library is basically my second home. Me not borrowing from the library is really an unrealistic goal, I’m afraid.

Here’s an overview of my shelves, and how much I’ve read in them:


This is the main shelf, which holds most of my books. The red dots symbolise any books I haven’t read. As you can see, I’m getting through quite a few, which I’m happy with!

At the moment, there are 17 books on this shelf which I have not yet cracked open. Exciting times!


This is the shelf which my sister and I have coined the “favourites shelf”. It holds all the favourite/aesthetically pleasing books, and as you can see there are 19 which I have still to read.

So as you can see, while I still have a bit to go, I’m slowly getting through it all. It helps that lots of the books in the shelves are actually my sister’s which I have absolutely no intention of reading.

So now the books I bought …


Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J Maas.

These were 9 dollars each, and I couldn’t resist picking them up! They were the only books that I bought this month, and (hopefully) the only books I’m planning on buying until after my birthday.

My book buying ban is back in existence. My book borrowing ban is cancelled.

img_0581So essentially I *failed* the book buying ban, and am going to try again. So (hopefully) no more haul posts till my birthday!

What books did you buy this month?

Love, Emmeline 🙂


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