As We Sweep Through the Deep – REVIEW TIME

downloadAs We Sweep Through the Deep, by Gordon Stables.
Read February 15th,      3 // 5 stars.

I’ve been swamped under with school/uni work for the past week, but I thought I’d take a moment out from assignments and study to write a little review on this rollicking book!

This book is the height of swashbucklers. It surrounds two families, one of which has a mortgage on their old mansion, and the other of which has control of the mortgage. There is a see travelling young man, a feisty sister, a loving love interest, and kind friends.

There were many things that I enjoyed about this book! Namely:

  • The sweetness and innocence of the romance
  • Sea battles and (hopefully) accurate historical content
  • Sweet sisters with sweet characters
  • Friends that stick up for you
  • The gorgeous writing style!!!

That said, there were some iffy things with this book. The book had a clear plot from the beginning – BUT WHERE DID IT GO?? I was sooo confused in the middle of the book because the plot had packed up and left. It barely returned for a little wrap at the end.

So what did it do instead of follow the plot? Well, it…..

  • Took us through numerous sea battles
  • Death (seriously though, so many soldiers died and I was sooo surprised at the death toll)
  • There was a scene where smugglers were captured
  • Basically ships.
  • And sea fighting.
  • So … it’s essentially England vs France on the water.
  • England wins!!

(and now we return for the finale where everyone and everything ends up happy!)

I hope that wasn’t too spoiler-ly for you, but to be perfectly honest, there isn’t much to spoil. As I said, this book seemed far more interested in taking us through sea battles than following through with the plot that it had promised from the beginning. The reason I ended up rating it so high was because I enjoyed the reading experience so much! The writing was delightful and the characters were delightful and even the sea battles were delightful. Just the lack of a consistent plot irritated me.

img_0581My ancient hardcover edition of this book was found for one dollar at a second hand book sale. You can read a free eBook at Project Gutenberg here!

Keep smiling,

Emmeline 🙂


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