I figured I hadn’t done some reading updates in a while, and then realised I’ve read less books than I usually would. AHH WELL, said I, LET’S DO IT ANYWAY.


Have you ever wanted to know if you have a reading slump? Well, here’s a simple formula.



In other words, divide the books you’ve read by the books you read last month. If your top number is very low compared to the rest, chances are you’ve either been really busy, or you’ve got a reading slump on your hands!

I decided to test this formula on myself, and it confirmed a sneaking suspicion I’ve had for a while.

Jan – 12

Dec – 19

Nov – 11

Oct – 17

Add the above together, and we get 59.

Now we divide 59 by four, and we get 14.75. (BUT LET’S ROUND IT UP TO 15 BECAUSE MATH.)

So my average book reading count over the last four months is fifteen books. NOW LET’S USE MY FORMULA.

3 (books I’ve read)
15 (average books read)

… well that’s wonderful isn’t it.


So if you didn’t get any of that (BECAUSE WHO NEEDS MATH TO READ) it means that I’m a third into the month, and I haven’t read anywhere near my usual amount. I mean, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a reading slump, but those three books I did read were a struggle. I really had to force myself through them.

And that’s not how I like to read!

Anyway, what were those three books?

// Books I’ve Read So Far This Month //

The Loaded Dog (Henry Lawson) – 3 // 5.    I enjoyed this short story. It was well plotted and the characters were all well written in the short space that they were allowed! I didn’t like the racism and sexism that crept in, but obviously it’s over a hundred years old so unfortunately that’s what we have to expect. How I wish it wasn’t so!

Alice in Wonderland  (Lewis Carroll) – 4 // 5.    I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland. A couple of years ago I got to play Alice in a drama performance. This just grew my love of this book, and when I got a new edition the other day, I knew I had to reread it! The book itself is extremely crazy and random, and I have to say I didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to. I think that it was because the plot felt a little less tight than some other books I’ve been reading lately? Obviously that’s just part of the nature of the book, but it did take away a little of the magic of the story for me.

Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell) – 4 // 5.     This book was incredibly enjoyable (I fangirled every few pages), and yet I still felt a little bit let down? I think it was because I didn’t like the ending, nor some of the themes present. I know that it’s all part of the author’s writing style, but I did feel that the end was very anticlimactic. Particularly with the whole Nick storyline. Anyway, if you’ve read the book you may know what I mean. I greatly enjoyed it, but I didn’t think it was brilliant.


I do have a few reasons for this mini reading slump that I am currently experiencing.

A) I’ve been super busy lately, and struggle to find time to read. YEAR ELEVEN, MAN.

B) The internet is distracting?? I just get distracted really easily, okay, and I know this isn’t a proper excuse.

C) My life has changed a lot lately, and I kinda use my spare time to process and cope and get my brain going again. Which is a good thing, I think.

SOOOOO I’m not too sad that I haven’t been able to read properly for a while. Because sometimes I just need to make sure that I’m okay first?? I think I’ll dedicate the rest of this month to working myself out and getting properly mentally prepared for the rest of 2017.

(is it just me or where did January go???? Like seriously.)

img_0581So how are you guys? Do you have any recommendations for getting out of a reading slump?????? Cause I may desperately need your help soon, if this gets any worse. I don’t want to pressure myself but I do miss reading.


Emmeline 🙂


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