The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood: Howard Pyle REVIEW TIME

review-timeFirst read October 14 – November 22, 2o16.
5 // 5 stars.

This book was a stunning, gorgeously bound (not that that matters … *nervous giggle*) work of perfection.


The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood tells the tale of Robin Hood and his band of merry men in Sherwood forest. They have adventures and give to the poor, and all in all have a merry time.

The book was published in 1883, and is in olde English – essentially Shakespearian. And yet, if you can get past the ‘thous’ and ‘thees’ and ‘repasts’, you will find this book extremely enjoyable!

Things that made this book great

  1. The fact that it was Robin Hood. I love Robin Hood šŸ™‚
  2. The characters were well-developed, and relatively easy to keep track of! Mainly because they are so well known, I think. But I did enjoy that part of it.
  3. Robin Hood was awesome.
  4. Robin Hood was not someone who won ALL the time. It was really great to see him beaten several times, and he always (mostly) lost with dignity, which was lovely to see.
  5. THERE WAS NO ROMANCE. (very good.)
  6. The Sheriff just didn’t give up, and it was HILARIOUS.
  7. This book was downright funny. I laughed a lot, which surprised me, but it shouldn’t have. It was a good look at life when whenever-this-book-was-set, and highlighted the fact that they were still humans back then. They still laughed.
  8. It felt like it was in the right time. Somehow it annoys me when I read historical fiction where people talk in contractions. (“You’re, like, just so annoying Robin! Urgh!”) Because this one was written in the nineteenth century it still had that dignity about it which was very refreshing to read about. I am glad that Pyle wrote the book in the language of Robin-Hood’s-time, and not in the language of the eighteen hundreds.


Things that surprised me

  1. There was no Maid Marion. Which, to be honest, I was kinda disappointed about – not that I wanted romance, but that my childhood dreams of living in a forest with Robin Hood were slightly crushed. Anyway.
  2. I didn’t expect that it would be so funny. As aforementioned, I laughed a lot.
  3. I didn’t think I’d understand as much as I did. I mean, it is written in ye olde English and while I enjoy reading Shakespeare, I certainly don’t understand everything. And yet, I had a pretty clear understanding of what was going on the whole time, which was really refreshing to have.

Another thing that I loved about this book that I quickly want to touch on, was the treatment of the King and Queen. Robin Hood treated the King and Queen with reverence and respect, even though he was outlawed in their name. I found it amazing that even though he was being attacked by them 24/7 he still respected them and never fought back. In fact, in the end he actually goes so far as to work for them, all forgiven and forgot. This could easily be taken as an allegory for Christ’s love for us; he loved us even when we hunt him down and attack him.


So all in all, I greatly enjoyed this book! It was humorous, educational, and held some great allegories.

Have you read this book?

See you later, bookdragons!

–Emmeline šŸ™‚


I haven’t seen any live action movies of Robin Hood, but I grew up on Disney’sĀ animation. I highly recommend it if you’re in the mood for some animals shooting bows and arrows and singing catchy tunes šŸ™‚


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