Top Ten BOOKISH Characters (help)


So today I wanted to let you know my TEN BEST BOOKISH CHARACTERS. (seriously though, where do I start. Help.)

Let’s jump right in!

(this is no way in order. Except maybe the first three. The other seven are in a jumble of no-particular-order, because if I tried to put them in order of favourites then there would be a fight, and somehow I really don’t want to make Eowyn and Camicazi angry. Because there would be blood shed all over my nice clean blog, and we couldn’t have that, could we??)

  1. Frodo Baggins – Lord of the Rings

    I absolutely LOVE Frodo. He is just amazing. This humanly real hobbit who travels across endlessness to save the world… ahhhh he’s perfect.

  2. Lucy Pevensie – Narnia

    Sometimes I relate more to Susan, when I’m in a bossy older sister mood. Sometimes I relate more to Lucy, when I’m in a heroinic-awesome-adorable mood. But today I relate to Lucy. (maybe it’s because I’m bashing out assignments and am therefore a dagger bearing Queen with healing powers.)

  3. Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice

    Don’t even get me started on how amazingly wonderful this woman is. Because she’s awesome. (though a little proud. DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE.)

  4. Anne Shirley – Anne of Green Gables

    I absolutely LOVE Anne. I also think these books are pretty near perfect. I will fight anyone who thinks that Anne-with-an-e is a Mary-Sue.
    (some people think that. I just don’t get it.)

  5. Richard Gansey III – Raven Boys

    Okay, I have only read the first book of this series, but I just think that Gansey is such a unique and well developed character that he deserves a place on my list. Full stop. Hopefully he stays awesome in the other books too, which I will (also) hopefully read soon!

  6. Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter

    Luna is amazing. Fullstop. She is most definitely my favourite character in the series, and I relate to her so much that it’s ridiculous. (I’m also a Ravenclaw, so there’s that.)

  7. Susan Walker – Swallows and Amazons

    Ship’s mate, cook, domestic organizer (as Wikipedia puts it), ship’s doctor … and just ten years old? Oh yes! Susan was my ultimate idol when I was ten, and I couldn’t cook to save my life. If you haven’t read these brilliant books by Arthur Ransome, then, well, you should. Because of Susan, mainly. And also because of independent children camping on islands by themselves. (I’m so envious of them though.)

  8. Eowyn – Lord of the Rings

    Eowyn is awesome. And, by the way, 100% relatable.  (she also said the most quotable line in the history of literature: I AM NO MAN. *whips off helmet and charges at assignments with renewed courage*)

  9. Camicazi – How to Train Your Dragon

    THERE ARE BOOKS? YES THERE ARE!! And they’re amazing, by the way. (better than the movies in my opinion – way more dragons.) Camicazi is who Astrid is *loosely* based off. (and is a gazillion times better.) She is the eternal optimist, the dragon stealer, the defier of stereotypes, the disobedient daughter… yeah, I love Camicazi. When I was ten I would have given anything for a mood-dragon and a long sword so I could be Camicazi, heir to the throne of the Bog-Burglars.
    (I still would.)

  10. Harry Potter – Harry Potter

    Is it just me, or is Harry a little underestimated? I mean, the series is literally about him. I really love him, though he is a little angsty and moody occasionally, and won’t stop thinking about girls. (though to be honest, that just adds to the realness of him – he is a teenage guy.) He’s literally awesome.




So that’s that, my list! (which by the way was practically impossible to put together) I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll be back soon with more bookish chitchat!

Who would you have added??

Keep smiling, and until next time, fellow bookdragons!

–Emmeline 🙂


This post was based on a list I created in an Instagram caption, which you can find here.


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